20 Tips to Start Any Successful Business After You Graduate From College

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Tips number one is follow your passion.What is your passion? What kind of activity do you love most? What is your biggest strength? Make sure that your work matches with your passion. A freezer can be used to store clothes, but it will not function properly to the wishes of it’s creator.

You can do any job with a good amount of income, but if it’s not your passion, if it’s not your main talents, then you will not be able to give your best “shot” at that job. Have you realize what is your passion?

There are many young people that do not realize their passion. If you are one of them, there is an easy solution to find out your passion. Write down 5 strength that you see in yourself. Talk to your closest friends and family member, ask them what is the biggest strength that they see in you. Gather all the informations about yourself as much as possible. After you list down all of your strength, begin to analyze it one by one. What kind of job that match with your passion? If you love cooking and teach people, you might start offering cooking lessons in your neighbourhood. If you only love cooking, you might start a restaurant business.

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Tips number 2 is help others with your passion. If we only keep our passion just for ourselves, then it is almost impossible to make any money. I will give you example. If your passion is dancing. You love to dance. You are extremely good at dancing. However, you never show to others your ability to dance. You only dance in your bedroom. Nobody ever get entertained with your dancing. Nobody ever get helped with your dancing. Is it possible to make money if you only dance for yourselves? I believe not.

Instead, you can use dancing to help others. You can start offering dancing lesson to your friends, community or any people who want to learn to dance. You might also start a youtube channel that teach how to be a great dancer in 30 days. Use your dancing to entertain others too. You can offer dancing show in some events and get paid for you passion.

Business is simple. Business is helping others with the reward of money. The one who has most money if the one who helps most people. If you focus on helping others, solves others people problem, then money will automatically come to you like a magnet. Do not hide your passion. Do not hide your talents, but show to the world who you are. Be confident and show to the world who you really are.

Tips number 3 is close you ears. The moment you decide to achieve your dreams, there will come many people that will say bad things about your business.

Tips number 4 is asking help from other people. Although we close our ears from negative people, we still need to ask for help from positive people. We can ask for advice, ask for solution, ask for wisdom. Money is important, but wisdom is more important than money.

There are many people with a lot of money, but without wisdom, their money cannot be managed properly.Therefore, when we meet people that are successful, aim for their experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Do not feel shy ask question and solution from successful people. Most successful people love to share their experienced to young entrepreneur. Ask for help. Ask and you shall receive.

Tips number 5 is take the first step. A car cannot move to the right or to the left if the driver do not press the gas pedal. You do not need to know the one thousand steps ahead for your business. If you try to figure out all the steps, then you will be a person who always think but never do any action.

Take the first step. Take the second. Begin your business step by step. Done is better than perfect. Remember what the martin luther king jr said “Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase - "Martin Luther King, Jr"

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