Fortnite Clan Tryouts | practice fortnite tournament duos v2 | ps4 fortnite clan | fortnite ps4 live

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Want to apply for our team? here is the link:
want a shout out? watch this video:

if you want to donate here is the donation link for my channel:

here is my twitter:

our teams twitter:

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Currently inhuman gaming is going to be a youtube based team. What that means is we will need players to get clips along with extra graphical designers and video editors. I of course will be helping out with the
graphic design and video editing. In the future I do plan on having our team competeting. I just want to start slow. I am currently working on a discord for inhuman gaming. Anyone can join the discord, but
obviously there is going to be a public chat for people not part of the team. There will be many chats for the people part of the team. Gameplay and graphic design will be sent through discord. Mostly because
this is the easiest way for that to work. Now there are two ways for you to apply to inhuman gaming as a fortnite player. You can either just apply via the application above (the first link). You can also
create a video and post in on youtube with the tag #inhumangamingrc. Doing this of course will increase your chances of joining the team! Anyways I am hoping this team works out!

in case you guys didn't read any other part of this description, and do not know how to join a clan... Inhuman Gaming is a ps4 fortnite clan (along with being a black ops 4 clan team/clan) We are currently having
fortnite clan tryouts. Not ingame but in applications! so if you want to apply here is the link again lol:

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Fortnite Clan Tryouts | how to join a clan | ps4 fortnite clan | fortnite ps4 live

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