How Do I Start Coding in 2018? #CodingQuestions ep. 2

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How Do I Start Coding in 2018?

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Before sharing with you exactly how to build the next Facebook or Netflix, I present to you a guide on how to begin coding in 2018.
If you do have interest in coding past the basics, you can follow along my series on how I will be building a Software Company here.

Thankfully, there are many awesome people in this industry willing to share resources to help beginners get started on their journey to being excellent computer programmers.

There are more than enough FREE resources available for you to learn the basics of computer programming, and if you’d like to fast track your learning, there are options available for you that are paid.

Step 1: Stanford CS106A — Java

Even after attending a web development immersive bootcamp program and spending about a year working on a Software Development team in a tech company, it wasn’t until I completed this FREE online course to really understanding what it meant to become a programmer.

The two reasons I recommend this course first:
It gives you an opportunity to figure out if learning how to code is for you. There are multiple projects asked to be completed by students, you are taught rudimentary and pivotal programming concepts, and you are asked to apply the teachings to projects during the course. The principles are applied during every stage of your (hopefully) future within this industry, and if you struggle during this course or do not enjoy it, then this will give you an opportunity to back out early.
You will learn Java. Java is a fundamental programming language which will assist you with everything else you may come across in this industry.

Step 2: Select a structured learning course
I’ll let you decide what course is best for you after visiting each resource. Personally, I used codecademy during my time learning the basics.

Codecademy has free material available along with paid material. I used codecademy to learn the syntax of popular programming languages.

Front End Masters
The paid courses are 100% worth the price. I recommend using this resource when you have a good idea of exactly which path you’d like to go down in your path to becoming a computer programmer.

College courses

I don’t recommend beginning with a long list of FREE resources and attending them randomly. I shared this resource because of its value, but please use this whenever you know exactly which courses you need to take.

Step 3: Deeper understanding of the web
This resource helped me gain a better understanding of web development after learning programming principles and syntax.

A Software Developer’s Guide to HTTP --

Step 4: Pay for a structured course
I attended Hack Reactor’s remote part time program. My experience was a 10/10 and couldn’t recommend it enough. Since it’s a part time program, it allowed my classmates and I the opportunity to continue our day jobs while taking the class in our free time. In addition, the program is 9 months long which has given all of us a great opportunity to gain more depth in our understanding of the material.

Step 5: Go for walks and learn how to enjoy the process

Best of luck to you future programmer. I wish you the best.
Start web programming

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