How to Become a Full Stack Developer | What It is To Become a Full Stack Developer

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How to Become a Full Stack Developer | What It is To Become a Full Stack Developer
Hello welcome to a recorded session of full stack developer webinar sponsored by powered by Acadgild. This is a basic full stack developer tutorial focussed on the introduction and to understand how to become a full stack developer in 2018, 2019 and beyond.
So learn, what it is to become a full stack web developer? Let’s start from the basics structure that any application is developed with.
Acadgild’s Full Stack Web Developer Course Syllabus:
India’s digital and mobile revolution has ushered a new age where full-stack web developers are in high demand. If you want to make a career in web-development and enjoy working on both back-end & front-end, then this course is perfect for you.
• How does the web work?
1. What is a web server
2. Client server communication
3. How to find the IP address
4. What is protocol
• Programming fundamentals
1. Basic structure of sites
2. Using CSS to control presentation, formatting, and layout
3. JavaScript to control the behavior of different elements
4. Introduction to object-oriented programming (OOPs)
5. Ajax for making asynchronous requests with JQuery
• Server Side Framework - Node.js
1. Fundamentals like Node.JS
2. Building web application with node.js & Express
3. Building web services with node.js and Express
• MongoDB Database
1. Building CRUD Application
2. Defining Mongoose Schema
3. Designing Routes using Express.js
4. Create a Server using Express.js
5. Building a RESTful API
• Client-Side Library – ReactJS
1. Building front-end apps with React.js as a view layer
2. Using the JSX syntax to create React Elements
3. Building React applications using React Components
4. Managing the state and lifecycle methods of React Components
5. Building lists and forms using React Components
6. Rendering React.js on the Node.js server
• Security JWT backend and deployment
1. How & when to use JSON web tokens
2. Front end and backend authentication
3. Validation of forms & Data
4. Deployment of full stack app on Heroku
• Capstone Project
The course culminates in an enterprise-level project for a fictitious client that will require you to use all the skills that you learn during your training
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