How to Get More Freelance Clients - Laser Focus

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So you want to know how to get more freelance clients as a graphic designer. It’s all about laser focus and exposure. But how is that played out? Let’s talk about getting more clients...

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What’s going on everybody. I am on a freelance kick right now as I have been getting a lot of question on how to start a graphic design freelance business, make the transition, and (everyone’s biggest desire) get more clients.

Getting more freelance clients that is what we are talking about in this video.


Now, before we get more clients we need to decide what type of clients you want depending on what type of work you specialize in. That’s right, you need to pick a niche.

For instance, my last agency job was working for a digital marketing agency that focused on digital marketing for orthodontists. Talk about niche! Not only did they focus on marketing, social media, medical, and teeth, but they took it a step further to orthodontics.

They were rewarded graciously for their focus and are on their way to reaching a multiple 7 figure income by the end of this year. So focus, that is the key.

Because it helps you to develop a reputation for a specific specialty. Then the people and companies in that niche will spread the word and you become the go-to guy or gal.

So as a graphic designer what is going to be your niche. Are you going to take on the healthcare space? Orthopedics, orthodontics, plastic surgery? Maybe construction is more your thing: Concrete companies, builders, roofing, painters, etc…

You want to pick a niche that is turning a decent amount of profit so they have the ability to spend the money on your premium services.


Now it is time to find some clients. If you have already been working within your niche then keep it up. If not you may have to make up some companies or offer your services for free to start to build a portfolio of work in that specific niche.

WORK FOR FREE? No way! Well, that is up to you. I worked for free during my 7 years of graphic design undergrad and grad school.

Wait a second, I didn't work for free, I paid them! I paid my teachers to critique my work.

Ok, what’s my point. Treat it like you are going to school in your niche. Study, produce work, and document the process on Behance, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin… whatever platform you find has the most people in your niche.

If they are plastic surgery than I would assume they are on Instagram. If they are tax services than I would guess Linkedin. Do your research and then dive in. Invest 80% of your effort into that platform.

Take the other 20% and repurpose your content to be present on the other relevant platforms.

From here you are going to want to build out your website, proposition, free offer, and messaging scripts to automate your client acquisition funnel.

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These are all the things I talk about in the Design Business Kit. If you are serious about taking the leap to become a full-time Freelance designer than I would definitely check out the design business kit.

It will give you what you need to get your business structured to acquire more clients and grow sustainably.

So what do I mean in short? You want to capture leads and then nurture those leads into clients. You can have a free offer, “How to communicate your brand as the leader in Plastic Surgery” they can download that and it will show them your strategy on how you can set them apart as the premier center for plastic surgery via branding.

Not only have you shown them your knowledge about their niche and your design expertise, but you have captured their contact info. You can now reach out to that individual and set up a consult call.

This is now a get rich quick strategy. I am all about building long term sustainable business.


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