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How to Start a Career in Data Science | Data Science Skills | Data Scientist Jobs | Data Scientist Salary

Data Science is nothing but a multi-disciplinary field comprising Computer Science of Mathematics, and Business Insight to get the benefits to the organization. All these possible based on data.

Hello and Welcome to the Data Science tutorial video organized by Acadgild. This was a seminar on data science conducted in Bengaluru, India by Acadgild on the topics of Data Science like, shaping our career in Data Science, what is Data Science, Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist, Demand for Data Scientists across the industries and the world and Data Scientist job opportunities and salaries etc.

In this video, you will be able to learn,
• What is Data Science?
• The relative terminologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.
• What kind of roles we will get it in Data Science (Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist)
• Skills Required to get the above designations
• How does Data Science Impact Business?
• How to Data Science?
• Skills Required to become a Data Engineer?
• Skills required to become a Data Analyst?
• Skills required to become a Data Scientist?
• What is Artificial Intelligence?
• What is Machine Learning?
• What is Deep Learning
• Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
• How does the future hold?
• How to learn Data Science?

Why do we need Data Science Why is it so important for any organization?
• Human Bias (Product Decisions)
• Human error in repeated tasks (manual tagging)
• Achieving Scale (Spam classifier in Gmail)
• User Delight (recommendations)
• Tackling Adversaries (fraud, security)
• Adaptability (changing user behavior, new users)
• Unknown environments (Disaster relief, Coal mines)
• Laziness/Lack of time (sentiment summarization)
• Making sense of massive data (Walmart)

Why is Data Science Booming Now?
If you see from the last 10 years, we have seen an explosion of data, along with that we see an increase in the,
• Computer Capacity
• Cheaper hardware
• The advent of GPUs in training Deep Learning models

Go through the entire video, learn to become a data scientist, and begin a career in Data Science.

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