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Starting a company or business is very easy now a days. You have to frame an idea, think upon it and then you can launch your idea into the market. If your idea is unique and customer-centric then you can excel in the market. Lot of startups are coming into the market but they in the field of innovation, they don’t follow the track of success. We have seen many people who had a plan to do business but in which sector they had to business was not known to them.

We are going to give you 8 ideas how to start your company or business. Follow these points if you are also in the mood of going for startups:-

1. Generate an idea: - Before going for any business, an idea is very important. If your idea is unique and you manage it efficiently, then your business may rock in the market. Customer needs uniqueness. A company is nothing without an idea. Take some time to think that what tasks my company is going to perform, what business I will do, which products I will manufacture or purchase, these sorts of questions will always provoke you to grow very high. Every big companies attract the customers by the virtue of their ideas. Any invester firstly checks the feasibility of your idea and then only he funds your enterprise.

2. Make a logo: - Logo is the first impression of company. It shows the complete introduction of your company. So if the name of your company is ready with you then meet some graphic designers who design the logos or visit websites which creates logos. Logo should be eye catchy and it should contain the mission and vision of your company. Various people use the name of their company as logo. A good logo consist of your brand name, tagline etc. The color combination in logo is also quite important so focus on this part as well.

3. Make a website and Social Media Page: - If you are well aware of the services then design a website for your business. Also make the social media pages of your business like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram etc. It will show your business to the world. Social Media is the best way to keep a track of your ideas.

4. Register a company: - Registration of a company or business in an important step. If you do not have a company then creating impact and values on the customers or partners is a difficult task. You are also not the owner of your name which you are using in the market. But once you register a company then you have full power to manage everything. The company can be Private Limited, Once Person Company, LLP etc. If you have two directors then you can opt for Private Limited Company, if you want to be sole proprietor then you may go for One Person Company and you have few partners then LLP can be the best choice. Before registering a company check the company names at

5. Open Current Account: - For the smooth transactions of business a current account is very important. Once you register a company you will get the certificate and PAN Card of company. By showing these documents and address proof you can open a current account in any reputed bank.

6. Go for Trademarking: - Till now the company is yours, the bank account is yours but the logo which you had designed earlier is yet not yours. Check the trademarking of logo first and then go for your trademarking. You can meet any charted accountant for the trademarking of your logo.

7. GST and Other Certifications:- Upto this step you are now able to run your business in the market but to create a brand value you must go for GST and other certifications. If your business is into multiple states then Goods and Service Tax (GST) is very important. If your company is a service provider then you opt for ISO Certifications. For different business, the certifications can be taken accordingly.

8. Do the branding: - Without proper branding and advertisement the idea and company will remain with you only. So do the proper branding to spread your company globally. You may adopt the techniques of digital marketing or offline marketing for the branding. There are several ways for the expansion of business. Just start from at least one options and gradually go deeper.

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