Kingdom Culture - A Spoken Word Poem

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I created this video for use at the start of our church services. It was inspired by a series of messages on Kingdom culture and adopting the culture of Heaven into our lives here on earth.
My name is Jéan de Witt and I’ve been obsessed with telling stories since I was a kid. Filmmaking as always been the ultimate medium for storytelling, as it encompasses all my favourite aspects of the creation process: writing, performing, filming, editing. As such, it was only inevitable that I would end up becoming a filmmaker.

And that is what this YouTube Channel is all about.

Through Your Name Here Productions, I’ve spent the past four years getting to tell other people’s and companies’ stories, through writing, filming, web & graphic design. I recently decided to change that and start telling my own story as well. That is how The Reel Life was born. I film, edited and upload a new vlog episode every Monday and Friday. Each episode is all about my life story and the things that are important to me: family, church, work, learning and having a blast.

As part of my work, I still upload paid work and some fun stuff from time to time, which include corporate videos, adverts and wedding videos. In the near future I will be restarting my Dubsmash Chronicles videos, where I collect Dubsmash videos and play them alongside the original clips from films. I will also be creating some new shows and series of videos in the coming months, so keep a look out for that.

Thanks for watching this video and taking the time to learn more about me and what I do. I hope that you would take the time to subscribe and follow me on social media, using the links down below:

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