My First Web Development Job!!!

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I am THRILLED to announce that this past Tuesday, I was offered my very first job as a Web Developer. I will be working with WordPress and PHP. I start nearer to the end of this month.

I share this news joyfully and in hopes of expressing that your goals are entirely reachable. It has taken me about 8 months of actively looking and applying. It’s taken me about 1 1/2 year so far to learn the BASICS ONLY of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. I’ve also learned about version control/GIT, databases, deploying sites as well as a Django app. I’ve learned a bit about Python, PHP, Ruby, and Java and about graphic design, working with SVGS, photo editing, video editing, some animation using key frames and transitions. I have discovered so many things that I can’t even list them all. But I know there’s still a whole universe left of things to learn.

But I’m totally excited about that. I look forward to this new point in my journey and I go forward confidently because I know God’s All Around Me, He’s got me!

Again I say, DO NOT GIVE UP! Do not let discouragement and doubt take over. This stuff is hard, but never impossible. You can make it happen. God allowed me to, and I did just that. I did it while facing financial hardship, while my daughter’s health changed drastically, while getting a divorce, while not having a college degree, while having to work and learn at the same time. It was an enormous STRUGGLE! I cried and prayed and cried and prayed more. But that is life. We ALWAYS have times where we are at the peak and times when we’re in the deepest darkest of caves. But neither the top or the bottom are permanent. So I will relish and appreciate the peaks with all of my being and embrace the challenges just the same.

And I will continue to believe in God, in myself and in everyone else. We can do it y’all!
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