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If you are overwhelmed with this type of calculation, maybe find a way that works better for you. Just remember to set an annual goal based on your expenses and then break it into smaller goals that you can achieve along the year. ????

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I get this question asked a lot from friends and colleagues.
your price is relative to your skills, the market and your cost of living. In order to determine your price, one big factor is your skills, and how those will help your client. Are you a junior, a mid or senior designer?

There are 4 basic ways to estimate the price:
The ‘’Hourly rate’’ that you charge per hour.
The ‘’Date rate’’ where you will be paid by the day.
The ‘’Project rate’’ where you charge based on the project.
And finally you have the ‘’Value-based pricing’’

Size up your potential client, I like to divide them in three basic categories:
Small business, usually local, with a small number of employees.
Medium businesses and Startups, usually with a plan/strategy and a decent budget in mine. And large companies, that are known nationally, have a lot of employees, and they usually have an in-house designing team.

‘’How much should I be charging?’’ My first step will be to define my yearly goal. And from there, reverse engineer my way back to pricing a specific project, by asking questions like: How can I get there? How many hours per day I need to work or how many projects per month I need to do?
I start by finding the point at which total cost and total revenue are equal, your ‘’Break Even Point’’ (B.E.P), in order to find that number you will need to divide your Fixed Costs with your Gross Margin.
In simple words, you need to find your business expenses that you will spend in order to get through the year, figure out your Profit Margin, this is the percentage of the profit, you going to make after making a sell.
And here you have it, the total amount you need to make this year in order to ‘’survive’’.

Now you can divide your break even point with your hourly rate and now you know how many hours you need to work in order to get there. What I prefer to do instead, is to divided by 12. This way I know how much money I need to make every month and alongside how many projects I will need to create.
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Welcome to my channel! I'm Christos Ellinas and for the past year, I was struggling with myself if I should start this or not. I'm an introvert by nature, so it was really difficult for me but here it is and I hope that it helps you or at least inspire you. ????

One of my goals is to specialize, in one of the many fields that the design business offers. And learn skills outside of the design field, like running a business, so one day, I could start my own.
I will try my best to upload at least once a week. The kind of videos that I will upload will be the Design Vlog, where I will talk about business, design, clients, money, how to charge, How to start, working as a remote designer, how to learn graphic design, solving problems, working from home, freelancer, solopreneur, etc.
Fast in Five, where I share fast-paced tutorials, tips and tricks around design, video, business and equipment, in 5 minutes or less.
Speed Art, Speedpaint, with graphic design projects, illustrations, in a very fast paced. And a Podcast where I invite a different like-minded individual in every episode to have an interesting conversation.
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