Shauna Haider on Staying Creative, The Secret To Small Business, And Long Distance Friendships

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Shauna Haider has been my BFF since 2008 -- when we lived on opposite sides of the country -- and in this episode, I wanted to shed a light on all the incredible things she does. Shauna does all the graphic design for my business and she has her hands in practically everything you see! Together, we have built a million dollar business, travelled the world, and explored both the highs and lows of life. This episode is packed with useful information for anyone who has a small business, anyone who feels stressed out by social media, and anyone who wants to build stronger female friendships!

You can find her personal blog at and her business at

In this episode, we discussed...
????The biggest challenge Shauna has faced in the last year
????Making the transition from a "safe" corporate job to owning your own business
????The biggest mistake small business owners make
????Why Shauna doesn't do a hard sell
????The legend of Alice Cooper's dungeon
????How we met... Back in 2001!
????The cycle of authenticity, and where the internet is heading
????How she knew that her husband was the man she wanted to marry
????A good friend will always tell you the truth
????Why you DON'T need to go into debt to get an education
????How Shauna discovered that she loved graphic design
????How important it is to have your own point of view and do what lights you up
????Reality versus Instagram
????90's Pamela Anderson as a contrast to what we see today
????Not getting sucked into the trap of chasing likes when you could be creating your best work
????The worst advice that we see being given all the time
????Is blogging dead?
????What the secret sauce is that makes us work so well together
????Giving clients what they want as well as what they need
????The importance of hiring the best possible people
????Having a vision and knowing where you want to take your customers
????The foolproof formula of how to work with your friends
????Not every piece of your business has to make money
????Why you need to turn your brain off!
????Why you must make travel a priority
????What Shauna's advice would have been to her 27 year old self
????The qualities that we deeply admire in one another
????...And what we really think about Michael Jackson and R. Kelly!

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