The Truth About Starting Up Your Business

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RE: The Truth About Starting Up YOUR Business...

Truth talk. When I first started in business, I thought it was all going to be sooo glamourous. Ya know, those posts tooting how amazing ‘the laptop lifestyle’ is. I thought yup, no problem, I’ll start a business from my laptop, I can travel and support my aspirations as a musician through it, and it will be easy!

Right? Wrong!

I tried everything to no avail, I was totally in overwhelm, and felt like I was hitting my head against a wall!

Even worse was feeling the pressure of…

- Money running out
- Time running out
- Guilt of relying on my partner/parents/whomever to pay the bills
- Fear of failing and proving that others were ‘right’ when they said it wasn’t a good idea

Even when I started making money via side contract work, it still felt like I was putting way more time in than what I was getting out… and this was slowly delaying my bigger vision. I was almost ready to throw in the towel.

That’s when I met my Billion $ mentors Adam & SJ.

Adam having built a billion dollar treasury business from scratch, all while working no more than an average of 23 hours a week, knew the key ratios I was missing in my business to grow and profit, while improving my efficiency and REDUCING the time spent.

And SJ, she showed me the tools I needed to raise my MIND FREQUENCY, the real juicy stuff that would attract higher paying clients, opportunities, and allow me to effectively deal with the inevitable challenges that arise in business.

These guys are doing a FREE On Demand Webinar teaching the 3 Massive Mistakes that Business Owners make, and the 3 Key Ratios to fix them in 90 days or less. If any of what I’ve said resonates with you, then check it out for yourself!

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