Top 10 web development trends in 2017 – Real time notification, Top Trends for Software Engineers

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Artificial intelligence programs are already used successfully by Google and Wikipedia, the technology is more than within our grasp to allow us to develop software which can think and act as a human without requiring the manpower.
One of their most prolific uses already is for web design programs, such as The Grid, which allows amateurs to produce some pretty slick websites by using an artificial intelligence program named Molly.
The reason we believe that the popularity of static site generators keeps going up is simple.
Static site generators are a great way to create websites. You don’t need a database, instead your web pages are simple files which run on your servers. With that comes advantages in website loading times, better security handling, and ease of deployment.
Bots are there to make our life easier and our experiences more personable (or at least they should). Bots are interesting from various standpoints and use and development of conversational UI will become an important topic for developers in 2017.
It is by far the most popular technology used by full stack developers.
With 36% (or 2382 votes) you stated that this was the most important development trend in 2016. The newest version of Motion UI works through flexible CSS patterns with all kinds of.
Real time notification
This used to only be embraced by chat applications. It not the case anymore, even revenue visualization dashboards need to update in real-time.This has been necessitated by the fact that most applications in 2017 support multiple point access, so the other party needs to know what’s currently the state of things before they make decisions.
Modular design
There are a lot of libraries and frameworks both for the front end and back end that ensure that the components of an application are not completely tied into one another.
Live support
Even a blog nowadays has that little form at the bottom right corner labeled Chat with us! More businesses are throwing their weight behind the need for live interaction as opposed to back and forth email communication with potential customers in 2017.The good this is that there are already a handful of companies offering this service through copy/paste so you wont have to build it ground up in most cases as a web developer - unless for some reason your client/company requires you to.
Single page application design
If you submit a login form today and you have to wait for another 10 seconds for the page to reload then it comes with the message, “Invalid password!” you pretty much start getting irritated, right? Yes, because a lot of this stuff can be done when you are on the same without reloading or taking you to another page. It just saves times and serves for a greater user experience..
HTML compression
It is not just about HTML. JavaScript and CSS are also being compression but this practice has been around for close to a decade or even more. Web developers in 2017 are really looking into what options they have with HTML compression libraries.
Also remember a couple of points like :
• Javascript is the future. People are going away from tight integration of server-side code for generating html.
• JQuery will be out of market soon. It is going to be interesting to see how legacy code will be handled on the way.
• ES6 Component based, and class like javascript is providing a new paradigm to the way we see front end development.

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