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Hi, My name is Vitor peixoto, I'm from Brazil and I've been learning web development since 06/18.

The languages I'm becoming good at HTML, CSS, JS, PHP...
Languages I wanna learn Ruby, DataBase: SQL for example.

My objective is when I really become good at web Development start learning app and the C languages, C, C++ and C#.

Why do I want to become a developer?
"The first time when I run something on the screen was in python curse a few years ago, but I didn't finish, I didn't care about that for long and I thought to learn programmer languages was for really smart people, I couldn't understand very much about anything, and to complete the mess I didn't know how to speak/read/listen/write in English "At least not better than nowdays". so when I was nineteen I decided to learn English and then come back for programming languages, I took like a year to start to understand english people and writing and everything else, I did a course called Duolingo on the internet and I used to watch my favorites web show like "The big bang Theory in english". and when I come back for programmer, This very year 2018 in July, everything was so much easier, But I didn't choose Python to learn, but I WANT TO LEARN PYTHON IN A FEW YEARS; So I started to make reached about areas that a programmer is useful, and then I decided to go through web development and when I finish I go for others areas.
My first language was HTML and then css, js and python.
I'm not gonna lie, to me learn JS was really difficult in the start, But I'm starting to get the ringing of it. and python is really similar to Js, and a couple of weeks ago I was thinking "Why should someone learn JS and python? if they're so similar", and then I learned that one is like an interactive language with users, and the other is a server-side (PHP).

So now I'm really focused on becoming a kind of a pro in JS and PHP, and then go for database.
if you wanna help feel free to leave your comments if you think I'm doing something wrong.

The Intuit of these lives is to people see my evolution through the days.
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